Second Day of Christmas: Silicone Spatulas

The spatulas my grandmother and mom used sucked. They would melt, they would break. They would warp and crack. They were cheap, and they needed to be replaced all the time. Forget those things.

The good folks at America's Test Kitchen hipped me to OXO Good Grips silicone spatulas years ago and they have survived the abuse I give them. Of course, you don't have to buy the OXO Good Grips, just buy one that feels right and is durably constructed. OXO offers plastic and metal handles as well as wood.

I frequently employ the following (pictured above): a small spatula for delicate work or small cans, a medium spatula for most jobs, a spatula-spoon for scraping and heavy-duty applications (great for releasing casseroles from the pan), a large one to fold cake batters and whipped eggs or cream, and an extra-large hand-held spatula for working with large amounts of bread and pasta dough.


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