California's Gold

You may have already heard but California has lost some of its gold. Huell Howser, star of many public television series including California's Gold, Road Trip with Huell Howser, and California's Golden Parks has passed from this life far too early at 67.

While his style may have been the source of a joke or two, my own imitation of him was getting more AMAZING by the day, the man's genuine nature and curiosity made his shows great viewing. He was a family favorite in my house as he taught us about everything from the stories of In-N-Out Burger and Hot Dog on a Stick to the Vincent Price Museum and Frank Sinatra's house to the beauty of our state's parks and historical sites. The man and the magic that he brought to television, our state, and our lives will be greatly missed.

So long, Huell. If there is an afterlife, we hope that you are discovering its treasures on a great road trip in the sky.


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