Duff's Brooklyn

Ubiquitous Pabst signage.
I have a penchant for dark, grimy and dirty bars. The capital-D Dive capital-B Bar. It is an affection that I share with our masthead in chief and a great many of my industry friends - fine dining and otherwise.

One Anthony Bourdain shares with me a great love (that shall not be named?) for one bar in Hell's Kitchen in particular. He can often be seen sporting his "Bellevue Bar / Hell's Kitchen NYC" tee-shirt, a shirt I too own (owned - it long ago fell apart; Bourdain probably gets his dry-cleaned).

She was a bar that always invited me back, after long stretches between visits to New York City. The bartenders remember what I drank, if not my name. Sadly Bellevue closed her doors long ago.

Just across the estuary off Manhattan's southern tip is the borough of Brooklyn, where the Bellevue was resurrected as Duff's Brooklyn.

What more can I say about my abiding love of dive bars? The joys of heavy metal? Rot-gut beer and rot-gut whiskey, the clash of locals and tourists, above and below-board games of chance, graffiti covered bathrooms? Personality?

When you visit, make sure to spin the wheel of mis-fortune ($3). Win a round of drinks, or 15 minutes in the "gimp cage."

Let's let the photos speak for themselves.


Rust in peace.
Bronx is up, Brooklyn's down.

Filmed in "drunk-o-vision".
Original H. R. Giger artwork.


Duff's Brooklyn
168 Marcy Avenue
Brooklyn, New York


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