Rethinking Red Beans and Rice

I whipped this up the other night. Tasty. My challenge was to make red beans and rice that Wonder Woman, a vegetarian, could enjoy too so I split up the beans and meat.

I don't need to tell you how to cook red beans, do I? Great. That said, dump the soaking water down the sink, start a fresh pot by sweating some finely chopped onions, garlic and carrots in some extra virgin olive oil and then adding the soaked beans and cover them with an inch of water. Throw some salt at the beans and stir it in when they are almost done.

Brine a hunk of pork tenderloin. I used a combination of regular salt and a little fancy applewood smoke salt. It worked nicely.

Get your spice rub together. I used oregano, white pepper, cumin, salt, paprika, basil, Cayenne pepper, and a little brown sugar.

Are the beans done? Great. Pull the pork from the brine and coat it in the spice rub.

Start some rice. It doesn't matter what kind but if you want to make this I had white rice on hand, so that's what I used. Have some cilantro and filé powder ready. This cilantro was from our garden. Yum.

Is it dark? Put on your head lamp and grill that pork over indirect heat. Be careful. The brown sugar burns easily and will make a mess of your grill if you've used too much.

When the pork and rice are done put it all together. Top the rice with chopped cilantro and a few dashes of filé. Slice the pork and serve up the beans with plenty of pot liquor. Enjoy.


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