Saturday Dispatch: Shopping with Chowbacca!

Rogue River Blue ($37/lbs). The breakfast of champions.
I got sick of staring at empty space, condiments, left-over Chinese food and sadness. In other words, it was time to do some grocery shopping.

While signs of Spring are starting to peek out in the produce department of Rainbow Cooperative (ramps, black trumpets, chanterelles), most of the produce is still coming from Mexico (zucchini, asparagus, even brussel sprouts).

The point being - hold off a few weeks for the asparagus and morels.

Rapini is a good deal, at $1.99 a bunch, so I grabbed some of that. Apples are still coming out of Washington and Oregon, and I grabbed plenty of those.

Clementines. Oh, my darling! 'Tis the season... Get 'em while the gettin's good, about another two weeks.

Eat one going out the door in the morning, mash one up for your evening cocktail(s).

Cheese, eggs, carrots, flour, lentils, coffee, butter, half and half, mushrooms, canned tomatoes, avocados and a few more odds and ends round out the list.

Then it was off to Olivier's Butchery in the Dogpatch. I'm making chicken pot pie for some pals on President's Day (recipe and photos to follow). Who can resist some beef tendons and chicken necks at $1-$1.99/lbs (stock!)? Beef cheeks (for lentils) and onglets (for delicious!)?

And a bottle of Sriracha, oddly fitting yet out of place in such a posh palace of meat.

Anthropomorphic pigs are HILARIOUS!

Rainbow Cooperative
1745 Folsom
San Francisco, CA

Olivier's Butchery
1074 Illinois
San Francisco, CA


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