The Beef Tenderloin of Destiny Rides Again ... and Again!

The beef tenderloin that the Wee Wonder and I were too ill to eat finally came out of the freezer. The thing was every bit as huge as I'd remembered it. It was a few meals worth of beef, so one night it was an old fangled beef tenderloin with sauce and the next night Wonder Woman had the great idea to make the best fajitas ever. I grilled some onions and bell peppers and slapped some thin cuts of the beef tenderloin onto a sizzling skillet. The tender, tender beef was coated in oregano, paprika, salt, white pepper, Cayenne pepper and cumin. Then I put it all together on Wonder Woman's tasty home made tortillas. A little of Wonder Woman's home made green chili hot sauce over rice on the side made it a meal. De-lightful at long last!


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