Subsonic Gin and Tonic

I need to be myself
I can't be no one else
I'm feeling supersonic
Give me gin and tonic

This writer prefers to stay neutral (well, leaning heavily to Blur but by and large agnostic) on the Oasis versus Blur debacle of the 1990s, however the brothers Gallagher have been looping through my head all day as I was dispatched from my cube on a mission of great import this last Thursday.

Thursday is "cocktails on the bus day". This may well be a carry-over from the "Cocktails on Caltrain" days, organized in part by certain friends of ours who were daily commuters until they gave up, bought cars or jobs in their respective cities.

By my own admission I ride one of those confounded free shuttles, so reviled by mom and pop businesses in San Francisco ("...these shuttles take our customers to work, feed them all of their meals and then drop them back off..." paraphrasing Josh Epple of Drewes Brothers Meats in Noe Valley).

Hopefully hipping people to Drewes Brothers helps offset this crime.

"We have no booze!" exclaims R, our host for Cocktails on the Bus (the name of the distribution list and private group). I have my bike, and have been penned up for days with the Swine Flu, so I'm itching to get some vitamin-d and exercise.

"Well, I believe there's a package store* nearby, perhaps I can bike there and pick something up."

R suggests a store 3 miles away, a 40 minute round trip. I insist there is a closer store, having cased the area a year ago during a motel stay-cation (vacationing in Sunnyvale? Not quite, but that's another story).

"Get some gin and tonic, I'll pay you on the shuttle," R.

Soon, I'm off through the back streets of Sunnyvale and up a footpath over CA-237.

There is an "other side of the highway" feel indeed about Grewalz Liquor & Groceries, but it's a diamond in the rough if you need a cocktail to go in a pinch in the wastelands of corporate America.

* A package store is a North-east and Mid-Atlantic dialectic for "liquor store," implying that the merchandise is purchased for off-premises consumption and hidden away from innocent eyes in a brown paper bag - per the regions absurd Blue Laws.

CA-237 in Sunnyvale.

Gin and Tonic:

  • 1 part gin.
  • 1 part tonic.
  • 1 part cracked ice.

Never stir, that's what the bubbles are for. I'm adding a splash of Pomegranate juice because I am a damn communist.


Grewalz Liquor and Grocery
1115 Borregas Ave,
Sunnyvale, CA


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