Your Sunday Sandwich: The Freedom Dip

Every so often, the French flat-out refuse to jump into the idiot hot tub with the U.S. and Congress is there to double down on the dumb by renaming something that likely shouldn't have be called "French" in the first place to something equally ludicrous involving the word "freedom". Chew on this, as you would your Freedom Fries and Freedom Toast, America. Go on, we'll wait. Chew with your mouth closed, please. Thanks.

Being a proactive blog, we at Chowbacca! realize that it is only a matter of time before the next in-name-only rebuff of an in-name-only French food becomes necessary to maintain America's global image as a nation of rubes*. It is in that spirit of idiot-ovation that we offer, with jaws slack and running with drool: The Freedom Dip!

Being a smartypants blog, however, we needed to go a step further than simply renaming the original sandwich. The Freedom Dip, like the country that created it, misnamed it, and will rename it, is a sandwich of limited, but seemingly endless, options. Take a grilled cheese sandwich on your choice of white bread with your choice of non-French cheese, a grilled cheese sandwich with beef, or even a Geno's cheesesteak, and dip it into any rich and tangy commercialized Kansas City-style barbecue sauce of your choosing. Whichever options you may choose, the resulting sandwich will be even more American than the sandwich itself. Go on, dip into freedom! It's as American as tarte tatin!

Bon App├ętit!

*With unnecessary apologies to Rube Goldberg.

Say it, Billy Bob. Say it:


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