Your Sunday Sandwich: Shrimp Salad

Today's sandwich is shrimp salad with Chinese cabbage slaw and green onions on sourdough. The slaw is made of Chinese cabbage, shaved carrot, chopped arugula and some mayo. The cabbage, arugula, and green onions are fresh from the garden. But wait! There's more ...

... I cooked the thawed shrimp in a combination of butter and sweated, thinly sliced garlic and chopped white onion.

Shrimp tails do not a great sandwich make, (though they are great to save for fish stock. Right, PDRoss?). Chop them off before cooking and chop up your Chinese cabbage, arugula other veg as well.

Cook the shrimp until you see the veins turn red.

VoilĂ !

Mix the shaved carrot bits, chopped cabbage, and shrimp together with some mayo.

Put it between two slices of your favorite bread, though I'd go with sourdough, and grill. Oh, and don't forget to sprinkle those green onions on top before you grill for a little extra snap.



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