Pastafarianism: Ravioli Take One

This is the first attempt in a long time for me to hand roll out a stuffed pasta (of which I made a impressive 8 total raviolis). Next time I'll do the fold over method. More on that later.

Also, I for some reason thought I could do 2 cups of flour to one large egg. I ended up using two extra yolks a quite a bit of cold water (maybe 1/3rd of a cup?).

Pasta Dough:
  • 2 cups extra-fine "00" semolina flour.
  • 1 chicken egg plus two egg yolks.
  • cold water (to help the dough come together).
  • pinch of salt.
I used my dough hook to do the dirty-dirty. Next time I will hand knead - the mixer was not happy and it's 500 watt motor was wheezing away as if it were mixing cement. Regardless, I ended up with a nice toothsome noodle due to agitating the proteins to form extra gluten.

My trusty Calphalon "salt shaker" which I fill with bench flour.

The filling is my braised beef shank, fork shredded, with shaved Machego cheese.


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