Porkpocalypse II: The Repiggening (A Series)

The guest of honor. Courtesy of Drewes Brother's Meats.
There are many doctors. There's Dottore Gustavo, my own current nom de blog (of many noms de blog). There's Doctor Feelgood (he's the one that's gonna make you feel alright). There's Doctor Robert, who we suspect may be one and the same as one Doctor Feelgood. There's Doctor Stephen T. Colbert, DFA (not actually licensed to practice medicine). Doctor Gregory House, MD. Doctor Jane Goodall. Doctor Neal deGrasse Tyson.

There's The Doctor. All eleven of him. God save Gallifrey!

Then there's the handful of real-life doctors that I count among my friends, like avid Chowbacca! reader Adam J. O'Donnell, whose PhD is in electrical engineering and works in the field of information security.

Last year Adam celebrated moving into his new home with a pig roast, this year he decided to throw a pig roast 'just because.' Porkpocalypse II: The Repiggening.

"It's my way to giving back to my friends and neighbors," said Adam, as we ran around town on Friday picking up items for the roast (including the beast itself). Adam was kind enough to invite me to both, but I'd have to sing for my supper (not that I wouldn't have regardless - I mean, "pig roast", am I right?).

The previous year involved a rented spit-roast that yielded an inconsistently done pig: charred skin and sometimes under-done meat that had to be finished on a secondary grill.

This year we deployed a China cage (la Caja China) to roast the whole beast and the results were remarkable.

A great deal of time and effort goes into a production like this - about 36-40 working hours between Adam and myself. Instead of trying to get everything in one very long blog entry, we will be breaking down the various tasks and recipes employed throughout the week.

Here's a sample of what's to come, for your enjoyment:

Smart and/or Final!
Atilla the Hen, Hennible and Cleggpatra.

The woman on the left facing away from the camera made the most awesome lemon tart. Also, how great is here hair?


Drewes Brother's Meats
1706 Church Street (at 29th)
San Francisco, CA


  1. Where are the pitchers of Mojito's?

    1. It's California. Zinfandel and IPAs, with a back of Bulleit.


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