Wasabi Deviled Avocado

Yes, I'm still riding the avocado theme. This time a just-ripe Pinkerton turned out to be a meal saver. While my balsamic deviled eggs were a completely delicious success, a batch of soy/rice vinegar/wasabi/garlic/ginger pickled eggs were only half a victory. While they were tasty, they fell apart when I attempted to devil them. So, my plan for wasabi deviled eggs with wild rice "hash browns" would have to wait until I've sorted out what made the eggs crumble.

Not wanting to waste the tasty eggs, I quickly made an egg salad with more wasabi paste, mayo, and some sweet chili sauce. Yummy, but not quite a meal. That was when I remembered the ready-to-eat Pinkerton. "Deviled avocado", my brain had suddenly screamed at me. Well, I'd already made egg salad with avocado. Why not? So, I cut the Pinkerton, coated it in olive oil, toasted some black and white sesame seeds, added them to the outside of the avocado, and scooped the egg salad into the hole left by the avocado's pit. I then topped the egg salad with crushed red pepper where there would usually be paprika. Creamy. Spicy. Delicious.

While the Manchego-wrapped salted almonds worked well with the deviled avocado, if I have more time with this meal concept in the future I'd put the avocado and the almonds with a nice piece of salmon instead of the slaw that I'd made. While I used Greek yogurt and sour cream for the slaw to avoid "too much mayo", along with some black pepper and rice vinegar, my thought to go "picnic-y" was not right and I saved the slaw for another use. It was too much "soft" and the flavors in the slaw didn't work with the rest of the plate. Lesson learned, but the deviled avocado was a spicy treat and the almonds were a super sweet and salty match. I may try those almonds out in a dessert some time soon too.

Salads. More saladsSandwiches. Fries. Just laying a couple of slices on a plate with breakfast, lunch or dinner. What I've done with avocados this week only reveals the smallest peek at the wonders of this delicious, nutritious berry

Hm. I haven't made avocado ice cream yet.

P.S. While I use a superior potato ricer for my mashed potatoes, this masher makes quick work of egg salad. I wouldn't buy one for the purpose, but if you have one laying around try it out yourself.


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