Cashew and Avocado Spreads with Roasted Garlic

Recently, I decided to pickle a bunch of garlic so I grabbed a big bag of Christopher Ranch from Costco. Realizing that there would be a good amount of heads left over I got to wondering what to do with them.

What I came up with were roasted garlic spreads. For the first I combined three heads of roasted garlic with some just-ripe Pinkerton avocados and extra virgin olive oil in the food processor until it was creamy smooth.

Next, I combined cashews with roasted garlic and peanut oil in the same manner. It's great on its own or with jam. Roasting sweetens the garlic making a great combination.

To roast the garlic just chop the tops off, peel most, but not all, of the skin layers away, put into a foil pouch and cover with high-heat olive oil. Then put the foil pouch into a 400 degree oven for 30 minutes.

So simple. So good. Now, I need to grab some fresh black mission figs for these last few heads.


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