Friday Cocktail Bonus: Cardamom Old Fashioned at BUILD Pizzeria, Berkeley, CA

I've been liking this Friday Cocktail feature and decided to do a little bonus for the West Coast folks. I asked my friend Jay Crabb of BUILD Pizzeria in Berkeley about one of his favorite cocktails and to tell me a little about BUILD. Here's what he had to say about the cardamom old fashioned pictured above. Take it away, Jay:

Single Barrel Bourbon, a blend of bitters and sugar. We combine the cardamom and sugar element together using a cardamom tincture added to sugar syrup (sugar and water). The drink is stirred over ice to chill it, and then served either "up" in a coupe glass or "on the rocks." If you choose for it to be served on the rocks, we offer regular cubed ice, or we have the option of a large, hand-carved ice sphere (we call it SFERA GRANDE ICE) for an additional $1.50. The hand-carved ice chills the drink without over diluting. It can be re-used 2 to 3 times because it melts so slowly. The cocktail is finished with a large orange peel. The oils from the orange zest add a layer of complexity to the drink.

A note on the hand-carved ice: we pick up large blocks of crystal clear ice from an ice company in San Francisco each week. We then cut down these large blocks into smaller squares using a chainsaw. We then use a bread knife to carve the block into a sphere. Pretty cool process!

All of our cocktails are hand-crafted using fresh, often times locally sourced ingredients. Our bar prominently features locally distilled spirits from artisanal producers. We have an extensive whiskey, gin, and amaro portfolio, a great happy hour, 12 wines on tap, and 16 craft beers on tap. We offer wood-fired pizzas, and guests have the option of ordering off of a set, specialty pizza menu or building (hence the name BUILD) pizza."

We currently offer 11 different labels of Amaro with more to come in the next several weeks and an Amaro Flight in the works for our Bar Menu. A great happy hour. Hand-crafted cocktails created by myself and Scott Beattie (famed mixologist and author of the book Artisanal Cocktails). 16 craft beers on tap and 12 wines on tap. And of course, some truly delicious pizzas!


2286 Shattuck Avenue, Berkeley, CA
Tuesday-Sunday 5:30-10:30
Happy Hour weekdays 4-6
$3 Craft Beers and 20% off cocktails


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