Friday Cocktail: Ginger Flower


Often the act of making is more about what one doesn't do. I'd made some flavorful pickled ginger with green tea kombucha vinegar and I'd wanted to feature it in a cocktail. After rolling it around in my head, I decided that vodka's neutrality would best serve the ginger's flavor and that some sweet vermouth might fill it out. Together in a martini glass the ingredients mimicked a flower.

Then my mind started to drift. What if I added some pear syrup? What about a peach liqueur? Sake, perhaps?

By the time I'd reached the final sip of the cocktail I had my answer. A wash of ginger flavor swept across my tongue, refreshing me.

I played with other variations. The Chinese mystery booze changed the ginger. It was a good drink, but I'd wanted the ginger punch at the finish. Other ingredients buried the ginger. Some were good, but, again, were different cocktails.

The simplest answer was the best. I give you, Friday imbibers, The Ginger Flower: One part sweet vermouth, two parts vodka, three petals of pickled ginger, (green tea ginger works best). It's light and summery with a great ginger finish. Enjoy.

P.S. If you want it dirty, just add some pickling juice. ;)



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