Friday Cocktail: Gringo-rita

Tin lime press, the only way to juice.
Look people, it's hot. I mean, really hot in SF. I know, I grew up in Cleveland, I know from hot. But it's like, 90ºF here, which never happens here in May. It's 100ºF in the apartment. Allow me then to basically phone in this post. Here's my mark-up notes:
  •  cesar chavez
  •  non-organic strawberries are bad
  •  mexican independence is in september
  •  cinco de mayo is for "high fivin' mother fuckers"
I was going to wax political about Cesar Chavez and the plight of migrant workers. I should leave it to people who have more of a stake. Needless to say, the food you eat every day is picked by people who some folks in this country are eager to kick out, but are also unwilling to pay fair wages for the work. So, remember that when you tuck into a bowl of cherries next time.

Second, do not ever buy non-organic strawberries. They are loaded with toxins - pesticides, pollutants, ground water. Capillary action pushes all that crap right out to the berry, where it concentrates. Eating commercial strawberries is like licking the floor of a pesticide factory. Organic only, and that should be a general rule but I ain't made of money either so, you know... But I make no exceptions for strawberries. *

Cinco de Mayo celebrates an unlikely victory in Puebla, Mexico against the French on the 5th of May (naturally) in the Battle of Puebla in 1862. This is not, repeat, not Mexican Independence Day (September 16). It is mostly celebrated in Puebla and not as much in the rest of Mexico but for some reason it's a huge deal in America, where frat boys are given an excuse to guzzle Cuervo Gold and well, do as frat boys will do.

Speaking of, here's Michael Shannon reading the now famous "Delta Gamma" letter:

I'm going to make myself some blender drinks and stay indoors, far away from the fray. You people scare me, especially on alcoholidays. Chowbacca! has waxed philosophical on this subject here and here and here.

Drink responsibly, and get off my lawn!

  • 2 ounces 100% agave tequila blanco.
  • 1 ounce of triple sec.
  • Juice of one lime.
  • 5-7 whole frozen organic strawberries.
  • Fist-full of rough chopped cilantro leaves and stems plus a leaf to garnish. **
  • 1 teaspoon agave syrup or honey (adjust as needed).
  • Optional: splash of orange or pineapple juice.
I'm using El Jimador, the cheapest tequila I could find at the posh 26th and Guerrero Market on the border of Noe Valley, Glen Park and the Mission. They have organic frozen strawberries - something I wasn't guaranteed at Duc Loi despite it's move to cater to "that crowd."

Also, I was in the area to visit my buddy Steph at the Dovre.

Half fill a pint glass with ice, half with the frozen strawberries. Dump into a larger vessel such as a large metal cocktail shaker.

Add remaining ingredients and hit that with the stick blender until it is smooth.

If you must salt your rim, consider using a flavored salt: salt with lime zest, salt with cayenne pepper and sugar, smoked salt, and so on. Personally, I frown on the idea.

[ * This claim is apparently more controversial than I expected, however I choose to play it safe. ]

[ ** I like cilantro because it lends a nice herbal, floral note. Some folks don't care for it. You can try mint or basil, or leave it out entirely. Just trying to expose you folks to new ideas. ]


Post script:

Flipping around cable TV at 1:30AM looking for something to watch while all the fans in the apartment circulate some cool air so I can finally sleep.

I came across an old favorite of mine, "Lone Star" by John Sayles. The film opens with a skeleton found buried in the sands of an abandoned Army firing range, murdered. Sheriff Sam Deeds is tasked with solving the crime, and in so doing digs up many more figurative skeletons in a small dusty Texas border town.

Sayles expertly navigates the intricacies of border town politics in this film. The conflicts that arise between settler and indigenous peoples are themes that can often be found in Sayles films: Silver City, The Sunshine State and even The Brother From Another Planet (okay, the last one is stretching the metaphor, but you get the idea).

Watch it, it's got a wicked plot twist at the end.


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