In A Pickle: Garlic, Jalapeños, and Rosemary

As I had mentioned yesterday, I pickled some garlic, among other things. As I didn't mention yesterday, I lerve pickled garlic. I lerve it so much that I made myself unwell one night long ago by eating so much of it at the delightful Yo Yo Restaurant. It's great, but it's not popcorn, kids. Let's be careful out there, lest gastric distress ye crave.

I pickled two batches of garlic. The first batch I pickled with a few sprigs of rosemary from the yard and Lev's Original Green Tea Kombucha Vinegar. The second batch I pickled with a couple of jalapeños by adapting David Lebovitz's adaptation of a pickled chili recipe by Michael Rhulman and Michael Symon. I dialed down the measurements as I was doing considerably less than a pound of pickles, left out the sugar and, obviously, did more garlic than jalapeños. Both batches are in my refrigerator until they reach the ten day mark along with some pickled ginger. I'm anticipating some fun flavors from all of them.

Some advice: Between the pickling and the roasting I peeled the better part of a Costco-sized bag of garlic that day. Trust me, use the rubberized gloves and blanch the garlic for 30 seconds when you can. It's worth it.

Also, I have loads of respect for line cooks or anyone who does a lot of repetitive work. It's not easy.

I'll post again on pickle opening day to let you know how it all turned out.


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