Shrimp in Fish and Oyster Sauce Over Pineapple Rice

I was feeling shrimp and had wanted to do something more than my favorite shrimp recipes. Here is what I came up with on the fly.

Shrimp marinated in Basque fish sauce, oyster sauce, orange juice, black pepper, and garlic. The marinade was 1/3 cup each of the liquid ingredients.

Marinade and all was thrown into a pan in which I'd done some carrots and pineapple in butter and olive oil and simmered until the shrimp were cooked through. The pineapple and carrots were mixed into basmati rice I'd cooked with pineapple in the water and the shrimp and sauce were poured over it all.

An easy dish for a summer night. It's a little fishy from the sauce but in an enjoyable way. And how did I forget the green onions I'd planned on? Top with green onions.


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