Your Ultimate Chowbacca! Cinco de Mayo Party Kit

At Chowbacca! we have a lot of fun with Hallmark and beer company holidays, (nothing holy about them unless you worship the almighty dollar, folks). However, we're also not ones to spoil a party. So, here are some ideas for your Cinco de Mayo celebration whether you are ambitious or lazy.

Let's start with the ambitious options. First off, yet another Not-A-Manhattan (pictured above) courtesy of

I made the one in the pic last night and it was tasty. Feeling more like a margarita?

Try your hand at a variety of margaritas perfected by some of our favorite San Francisco bartenders with A Story of Four Margaritas.

Need Something a little fruitier? Más fruta!

With the drinking should come the eating. Tired of tacos y burritos? Why not make pozole?

Not feeling ambitious? "Screw tradition, let's get drunk?" Chowbacca! has you covered like a serape, honkies y honkitas!

How about a Gringo-Rita, gringo?

Got a blender? Grab some sorbet and crank out some Lazy Ritas!

Yes, you get to eat too. How about some quick, easy and unauthentic chips and dip? Or, if that's too much work, there's always meat in a bag.

Happy Cinco de Mayo to anyone of Mexican heritage among our readership, (especially those from Puebla)! To the rest of you: Party responsibly, culture Borg!


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