Breakfast All Day: Cheeky's, Palm Springs, CA

Getting Cheeky

If you've met me, you've probably heard me say that the three sweetest words in the English language are "Breakfast All Day". Eggs. Bacon or Sausage. Toast. Pancakes or Waffles. American or Irish? Breakfast served all day, when done right, is simple magic. It's not that I always want breakfast foods, but having the option, day or night, is a great thing.

If you've met me, you've likely also heard me say that the best test of a breakfast spot is their Eggs Benedict. "If they can screw that up," you've no doubt heard me rant, "then they can screw up toast". Breakfast and brunch spots have died on a stale English muffin, packaged Hollandaise, or rubbery egg. When the right parts come together, however, the result is a treat.

I'd been steered toward blueberry pancakes at Cheeky's. I'd been nudged toward the Custard Cheesy Scrambled Eggs. Those suggestions might have been tasty, but the Benedict had to be tested. That, and the "Blondie's Eggs Benedict w/Real Bacon • Sautéed Arugula • Deb's Cheddar Cheese Scone • Hash Browns" sounded great. What a cheeky combination. Could they pull it off?

We were seated at a table at the front of the patio with a terrific view of the mountains. Where I would ordinarily have ordered a coffee I instead chose a refreshing green iced tea to vanquish the heat. As I placed my order I realized that the menu hadn't mentioned Hollandaise. Rather a cheeky gamble.

Well, it worked. The runny yolk of the expertly poached egg made its own sauce with the sauteed arugula. The bacon was just right, the Cheddar scone was a brilliant touch, and the hash browns were just crispy enough outside and soft enough inside to take up some Tapatio and the yolk sauce. A glass of fresh orange juice sealed the deal. A Cheeky victory. I'll be back to try some of the other fun things on their menu.

622 N. Palm Canyon Drive
Palm Springs, CA
Look for the cheeky little monkey


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