Cheap Thrills: Trader Joe's Turkey Kielbasa

The house in Ohio that I grew up in sat between the homes of two polka musicians. Now and then one musician or the other would have their band over to play in their garage on a Summer afternoon. I still love the sound of polka to this day.

My mom, to keep dinner interesting for herself and her family, cooked a variety of foods she'd learned of through friends of different ethnicities. Kielbasa and sauerkraut, simple and delicious, often made the menu.

Recently, I decided to give Trader Joe's smoked turkey kielbasa a go.

After sweating some onion slices in olive oil and butter I added the 'kraut, paprika, and some diced apple. After moving it all around the pan for a minute or so I placed the fully cooked kielbasa on top and covered for a few more minutes to get it hot.

Y'know, it isn't the kielbasa I grew up with, but it has a good flavor and brought back memories. I'll likely get it again, but I'm also going to seek out a Polish deli in SoCal.



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