Cocktails: Harvest Cooler with Extra Pride

A cis-male sysadmin, a gay software developer and a transgendered female with fabulous nails get on a bus...
First of all, let me be clear: Chowbacca! supports all families. I speak not only for myself, but I speak for g0b0t and 99% Bittersweet.

In the beginning I may have tried to remain apolitical when writing for this blog, but clearly as the blog has evolved we have all become more comfortable allowing our personal biases to slip into our posts. Kudos to g0b0t for his recent and scathing indictment of Paula Deen for her duplicity.

If I cannot use this platform to communicate about things I am passionate about, what use is this platform? What good is this exercise? We certainly aren't in it in the money, nor the fame. So let's lay our cards on the table and not hold them close to the vest.

There are people who believe that homosexuality is unnatural. The same people do not believe that evolution is real. They are wrong on both counts: evolution is a fact of nature, as so is homosexuality.


Some people may find that offensive. That's too bad, and suck it up you baby. It would almost be comical that the so-called Pilgrims that fled "religious oppression" to help found this great (indigenous people murdering, witch burning, African enslaving) nation if their nefarious influence wasn't still felt today, in 2013. Who is oppressing whom, again?

It's 2013 Anno Domini and people are still citing Leviticus, a text written by patriarchal Bronze-Aged assholes in a book filled with too many reprehensible ideas to list. Not being able to eat pork is the tamest abomination that Chowbacca! routinely violates (with glee).


A funny thing happened on the way to San Francisco.

Actually, it wasn't funny, it was awesome. I just wanted to make a cheeky reference to musical theatre ("A Funny Thing Happened On The Way To The Forum", the Sondheim musical homage to the Roman farce). The "funny" thing might be that I, a heterosexual cis-male, probably has more love for and knowledge of musical theatre than many of my gay male friends (who stereotypically are fans of such things).

"I'm Coming Out? Over the Rainbow?" complained R, a gay male software developer and mastermind behind Cocktails on a Bus. "Could you be more condescending?" R was complaining about the music choices for today's corporate sponsored Pride event on our campus.

"I would have played the Buzzcocks," I offered.

It was Thursday: the hallowed day of commuter drinking (safely, on the back of a bus).

But it was also Thursday after DOMA had been repealed, during Pride Week in San Francisco.

So, we had something special to celebrate... and celebrate we did, with this delightful cocktail provided by Miss C, a transgendered coworker (I brought ice, another coworker brought various mixers: a collaborative effort indeed).

The Harvest Cooler:

  • 1/2 Watermelon, muddled and strained.
  • Juice of 6-8 limes.
  • 1 liter of vodka.
  • 5 cups of ice.
  • 1/2 cup of agave syrup.
  • 1 liter of soda water.

Mix together watermelon juice and pulp, lime juice, agave syrup, vodka and ice.

Strain 2 ounces per serving into a tumbler and top off with soda.

Drink up, it gets better. It's getting better all the time.



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