Cocktails: The Kool Thing

Who loves Sonic Youth? We do. You know what else we love? Cocktails. Rum.

I'm told that this cocktail is already out of rotation at the Alembic, so here's the recipe - you can make it at home!

The Kool Thing (Adapted from the Alembic cocktail menu):
  • 2 cubes cucumber ice (grate cucumber and strain into water to taste, freeze).
  • 1/2 ounce lime syrup (simple syrup: 50/50 sugar and water plus 1 additional part lime juice).
  • 2 ounces aƱejo rum (or spiced rum).
  • 2-3 rum soaked cherries.
  • Soda.
Add ingredients to a chimney glass (or Collins glass). Top with soda. Do not mix, the soda will do the mixing for you.

Bonus points: make a cucumber water soda.

I like a dash of old-fashioned bitters with mine.


The Alembic
1725 Haight St
San Francisco, California 94117
(415) 666-0822


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