DIY Grenadine And The Sunken Chest Cocktail!

Earlier in the week I wrote about making your own grenadine with pomegranate juice, (Pom does nicely), and sugar by boiling a 1-1 mixture for five minutes. I've read that black currant juice produces the same flavor but I've not tried it.

Commercial grenadine often uses High Fructose Corn Syrup and additives. You don't need it, and the DIY version tastes better too. Now, here's a little more to do with your syrup.

As I've noted in the past, it makes a terrific salad dressing with equal parts extra virgin olive oil and balsamic vinegar. Don't forget the fresh black pepper.

Grenadine syrup is also a great topping for ice cream, pancakes, and waffles. It's sweet, a little tart, and tasty.

If you have club soda or a Soda Steam around, (which cuts down on packaging as well as sodium), you can use grenadine to make Italian sodas. You can also make not-tails like Shirley Temples or a Roy Rogers.

Of course, I wouldn't forget that grenadine is an ingredient in many cocktails like the Tequila Sunrise and the Sea Breeze.

Plenty of tiki, or umbrella, drinks use grenadine too. I remember, barely, many a warm afternoon getting "girl drink drunk" at Trad'r Sam and evenings eating coconut shrimp with a werewolf drinking Zombies at Trader Vic's or sharing a Volcano with friends to the sounds of floating Casio crooners at The Tonga Room. I could tell you stories for days.

Instead, I've created my own umbrella drink that uses grenadine. Like the classic umbrella drinks it's loaded with sugar and boozey goodness. The name, funny for a variety of reasons, comes from the sunken brandied cherry.

Sunken Chest:

In a tall glass, combine:

  • 2 Ounces dark rum
  • 2 Ounces grenadine syrup
  • 1 Ounce ginger syrup (boil 1 cup washed, coarsely chopped ginger, 2 cups water, and 1 cup sugar for an hour and strain through cheesecloth)
Fill to top with carbonated water and stir. Add one brandied cherry and chill with two chunks of frozen pineapple. Top with  an umbrella and stick a straw in it. Put on some Martin Denny and enjoy!


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