Summer Salads: Raw Excitement!

As promised here are a couple of Summer salads. One is spicy. One is sweet, or is it savory? Pick your dish and choose your side. Cucumber and squash season won't last forever. Enjoy the tastes of summer now!

Note: Wash every ingredient well, especially for raw preparations. Raw ingredients can foster bacteria, and while citrus juice may cook ingredients it does not kill bacteria. Pesticides should also be a concern. Many of these ingredients came from my garden. I still washed them.

Spicy Cucumber/Yellow Squash Salad (serves three):

Cut one each cucumber and yellow squash into chunks and combine with chunks of onion, pickled garlic and JalapeƱo.

Next, mix in chopped fresh cilantro and the juice of two limes, salt, and pepper. Allow mix to sit for at least an hour for flavors to marry. I didn't have any on hand, but a little coconut might be fun in this salad.

Sweet Summer Salad (serves three):

Chop one each yellow squash, cucumber, and bell pepper, seeded, into a bowl and mix with chopped fresh basil. Whisk pomegranate syrup*, balsamic vinegar, and extra virgin olive oil together with fresh black pepper to dress. Too sweet? Forget the syrup and go savory.

Avocado, mango, or both would go nicely with this salad. Have fun with it.

* Equal parts sugar and pomegranate juice boiled for five minutes. AKA grenadine. More on this tomorrow.


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