Sunday Sandwich: Cucumber, Olive Tapenade Hummus, Goat Cheese andSquashBlossom

It's Father's Day. It's also June 16th. Me? I'm a dad, and I am going to a baseball game with my kiddo.

You? Well, I gave the carnivores an option earlier in the week. If your dad's a cheesetarian, and a Joyce man, I suppose that you could make him a nice Gorgonzola sandwich.

If, however, the "feety savor of green cheese" is too much for the old chap, may I suggest the titular sandwich? It even includes a bloom. No squash blossoms, you say? Just do without. Oh, and a little salt and pepper make the sandwich even better.

What's that? Vegan? A bowl of grass, perhaps?

Paternity may be a legal fiction, but here's wishing you dads a Happy Fathers Day! 


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