Sunday Sandwich: Flamefurter: The Meaner Wiener

So innocent-looking next to the Bertman dog.

Summer is coming. Grilling, spice, and pickling are converging in my cravings lately. I'd made a spicy burger and a spicy salad. Why not a spicy hot dog?

Because I am a "mustard-only" hot dog guy. Because onions and 'kraut are usually the only other toppings I'll allow. Because, after almost all kidding is put aside, the culinary clown car of a Chicago dog isn't so bad. Because sometimes you gotta s-t-r-e-t-c-h. Well, I stretched. BEHOLD!

Flamefurter: The Meaner Wiener!

All Beef Hot Dog
Sriracha-Butter Grilled Bun
Chipotle Tabasco Mayo
Pickled Garlic, Minced

A good amount of heat and flavor in every bite. Pairs well with baseball. Just typing this is making me hungry. I want another. Now.


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