Sunday Sandwich: Forresterfurter: The Deep Hurting Dog

When there are sharks to be jumped, Chowbacca! is there to jump them with gusto! Feeling like we didn't quite go far enough with the Flamefurter I created this demon dog in memory of Dr. Clayton Susan Deborah Forrester. This sinister sausage inflicts more pain than any Hercules movie. Not only is it a real scorcher, but the mere thought of this wicked wiener brings blunt intellectual trauma. It's EVIL! EVIL! BEHOLD!

Forresterfurter: The Deep Hurting Dog

1 All Beef Hot Dog, spiral cut and marinated in Huy Fong Chili Garlic Sauce and Cayenne pepper

1 White Bun grilled in Sriracha butter and slathered with both Lev's hot mustard and hot Chinese mustard

Habanero and lime salsa

Sure, it's just a slightly different version of the Flamefurter, but that's how the mads would have wanted it. Your turn, Joel. Or is it Mike?

Next: Our TV's Frankfurter! It'll push all of your buttons!

Coming Soon: A box of Hamdingers!


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