Sunday Sandwich: Monkey Style Shines at In N Out

Jaw Breaker Style

Edit: As we suspected, Monkey Style has been confirmed as a hoax perpetrated by douchenozzles.

By now everyone should have seen the video posted on Foodbeast of some bros getting In-N-Out burgers "Monkey Style", with "Animal Style" fries and a patty in a bun. The video shows an In-N-Out employee denying the burger's existence, refusing to have such a burger made, and asking them to turn off the camera. After a blackout and some muffled sound the burgers magically appear all packaged to go on their car seat. Bro!

I don't know if Foodbeast pulled a fast one because everything I've read regarding this "Monkey Style" burger tells the same story: They won't admit it, they won't make it, the reporter or blogger ends up making their own. Somehow they found the one In-N-Out location in California that would not only acknowledge "Monkey Style"'s existence, but would actually make the burger, albeit off-camera.

Yesterday I tried my local In-N-Out and had the same experience: The I-N-O employee acted as if I'd misspoken, politely denied knowledge of "Monkey Style" when nudged, and said that "Animal" fries can not be put on a burger. I hadn't even stuck a camera in her face.

Not wishing to leave In-N-Out without a burger, I raised the bar a little and ordered my usual "Double Double Animal Style" and an order of "Animal" fries along with a strawberry shake. Like others, I'd just make my own creation. No, not with the shake. Jump a shark? Call me Fonzie. "Slimer Style"? No way.

After dislocating my jaw to eat it my curiosity was satisfied at last. The fries didn't add much more than novelty, honestly. I'll probably stick to "Animal Style".

Twitter rumors and Foodbeast aside, I've only known of a "Monkey Style" burger to be mentioned by some alleged former I-N-O chef as an after hours experiment on Reddit in an "Ask Me" that has since been deleted by him. Perhaps this was misread and tweeted out of control? It wouldn't be the first time someone misunderstood something on the Internetwebthingy and went all daffy with it.

Still, unless Foodbeast is trying to scam In-N-Out into adding such a burger to the Not-So-Secret Menu, I don't get why In-N-Out would deny that "Monkey Style" is a thing unless it isn't. It's also unusual for the chain to refuse to make something special. It's no crazier than other Well-Known-Secret Menu items. Perhaps the problems of either putting a whole order of "Animal" fries in a burger or making smaller portions of the fries to put into burgers are the reason? Only In-N-Out can say, and right now they don't seem to be talking.

Whether it turns out to be a hoax by FoodBros or a social test-marketing scheme by In-N-Out, I'll be sticking with my "Double Double Animal Style" and a strawberry shake, please. Thanks.


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