Apple Cider Vinegar Summer Cooler

Behold! Refreshment!

If you have soda water around, or ideally a SodaStream, you have the makings of a refreshing summer beverage. Just put two tablespoons of unfiltered apple cider vinegar into an eight ounce glass and top with fizzy water, or fizzy water and ice. It's quite nice on these hot days.

Some tout the health benefits of apple cider vinegar, I've had a good experience with it myself, and some medical studies have shown promise for its use for weight loss, diabetes management, heart health, and even cancer, but there hasn't been any conclusive study.

That said, go easy on these tasty coolers because other research has shown that regular consumption of too much vinegar can produce health risks. If you have a condition, as always, ask your doctor.

Cure-all or not, this combination is a tasty way to cut through the heat. Sometimes I add a splash of grenadine for a sweet kick. I'll be introducing other summer coolers as we roll through the season. Check back soon!


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