Cheap Thrills: Mission Street Hefeweizen

Ce n'est pas une banana.

I have to admit that I don't expect much from a hefeweizen. I'm not saying that I'm not fond of the brew, I am, what I'm saying is that my enjoyment of it doesn't come with a lot of pressure for the pint to perform.

After 20-some summers of enjoyment I want my hefeweizen to taste like hefeweizen, to be cold, and to embrace a slice of lemon. Everything beyond that will take care of itself.

In a time when even "Butt-Wiper" is parading its "brewmasters" before the camera in response to legal troubles and Molson Coors is putting a craft beer facade on its pissoir products over at Blue Moon *wink* Brewery it's obvious that the snootification that became de rigueur for even the lowliest of wines now has a firm grasp on the world's beers as well.

While some wines and beers are certainly deserving of tasting notes, every wine or beer produced does not need a sniff and a roll on the palate. Once the standards have been set it's like deconstructing lemonade. There's good lemonade and then there's Country Time, and then we're done, or we should be done.

I've seen reviews of hefeweizens that talk about its "notes of bananas". Really? I want my hefeweizen to be crisp, refreshing, and to have notes of tasting nothing like the glorified water served up come "Miller Time". Can some things just be good and others bad and can we please just shut up and drink, responsibly?

Produced by Steinhaus Brewing of CA for Trader Joe's, Mission Street *wink* Hefeweizen is inexpensive, and tastes great with fish tacos.

J'aime un taco de poisson.


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