Please don't tell me it's a Poppler!

While you've been waiting for In-N-Out to unveil their kimchi-smothered Gangnam Style Burger* I've been enjoying these terrific balls of crack pastry from Cocohodo of South Korea via Irvine, CA.

Nice box

With franchise locations in Irvine, Torrance, Buena Park, and LA's Koreatown, Cocohodo is making these yummy red-bean-paste-and-walnut-filled pancake-like treats for five bucks a dozen in a Psy-Fi contraption as they are ordered. Each pastry is individually wrapped and Cocohodo even provides a bag to keep large orders fresh-tasting longer. As their web site proudly states: "Cocohodo is called the best walnut cookies from customers' unchanged affection and compliments". So, there.

If you're in the LA or Orange County areas dance-ride your imaginary pony to a Cocohodo location and get some!

*Not likely. I don't advise holding your breath.

Unlike Popplers, no mystery.


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