Grenadine Summer Cooler

Porch Pal

Another cooler to beat the heat. This time it's your old pal home-made grenadine and fizzy water from your (unpaid endorsement *cough*) SodaStream. This cooler's great on a porch at the end of a scorcher, by cracky.

Kick the high-fructose mumbo-jumbo full of CIA/Illuminati mind-control chemicals and enjoy a refreshing beverage that won't enslave you. Or, better yet, have some good-for-you fluoridated (SLEEEP) water. It hydrates, refreshes, (OBEY) and helps prevent being enslaved by dental bills.

Grenadine Cooler:

In an 8 ounce glass:

1/2 Ounce grenadine
Chilled fizzy water of choice (pretend that you have a choice)



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