More Pancake Fun: Roasted Bananas and Parmesan Ice Cream

Round is the New Square!

Just when you thought that Slayer was the last word in pancakes, here comes something for the children. Well, something for the children who don't listen to Slayer.

Here's a trick that I learned from my mom-in-law.

Breakfast Bouquet!

Yes, that same squeeze bottle that gave you Slayer pancakes can also give kids, and kids at heart, a fun breakfast. Hey, how about some cinnamon in that batter? Whattayasay, champ?

Your Batter Pen

Now let's take it a bit further with some roasted banana. Don't fret, it's just five or ten minutes on a cookie sheet in a 400 degree oven. When they sizzle it is time to carefully peel them with tongs and scoop out the insides with a spoon. If done they should be oily. Have some spotty old bananas around? They're perfect!

Roasting Bananas

Oh, but we're not finished yet! Let's add some flakes of that good old Parmesan ice cream. Man, that's my kind of breakfast!



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