Photo of the Day: Coming Soon and See Ya Later

Smash Burger, coming to a Potrero Hill Shopping Center (formerly San Francisco Seals Stadium).

We've heard mixed, but mostly positive reviews. However, eating is believing. No word as to when they will be opening but judging from construction progress, we would guess the end of July, beginning of August is a good bet.

The sign says "closed for remodeling," but anyone who has read "Kitchen Confidential" knows that they mean "closed forever."

Money problems? We couldn't say. A source tells us that Tokyo Go-Go went "cash only" shortly before shuttering for good - a good sign of bad credit, and a possible indicator that they had been in arrears with some or all of their vendors.

Such is life in the restaurant industry. They had a few good years (and many mediocre ones). So long, Tokyo Go-Go.


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