Summer Pickle Salad

Slow-Cooked Country "Ribs", Manchego Cheese Rice, Pickle Salad

Whether you're grilling ribs or slow cooking some tasty country-style not-ribs, you're going to need something green, or yellow, or both, on your plate. Mixed green salads are great, but seem to wilt beside large portions of dead critter. Grilled vegetables are terrific, but sometimes it's so hot that you just want something refreshing on your plate.

Enter, the pickled fruits. Just chop crisp pickled cucumber and pickled summer squash and then combine them with either home-canned, frozen, or, ideally, pickled corn. If you have pickled garlic, onions, or jalapeƱos on hand, toss them in too. The vinegar and spices have already dressed your salad, so it's ready to sit beside your meat of choice.

Don't think that you need to wait weeks for pickles. You could, but there are quicker ways to make pickles on Thursday for a weekend salad. Serve somthing different this grilling season. Pickle salad is a refreshing use for your Summer pickles that perks up a meal, and you can make it in minutes.

Vinegary Goodness that Stands Up to Meat


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