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UPDATE (August 29, 2014): I REALLY loved the Summer of '14 Anchor Summer Beer. That is all.

I'm glad that seasonal beers are here to stay. Winter, spring, summer and fall, once more are celebrated with a variety of offerings from breweries around the world. It's a glorious thing. I'm particularly glad that summer beers are a thing. Summer Brew Review lists 124 varieties for 2013. Recently, I tried Anchor Brewing's latest seasonal offering.

I'm no stranger to Anchor Brewing's product line. I've loved them since before I made California my home. I've eaten many an oyster at Swan's, enjoyed countless other meals, and watched many Giants games with good company and Anchor's Steam Beer. Their porter's heft has gotten me through some fog-chilled nights. Speaking of fog, my first adventure with Old Foghorn barleywine began, surprisingly, with a raucous deconstruction of Hasselhoff's Baywatch in a Massachusetts roadhouse with some freinds-gone-by many ages ago. Since that night, I've toured the Potrero Hill facility twice, sampling their freshest wares.

Anchor's Christmas Ale, truth be told, has always left me missing Cleveland's own Great Lakes Brewing's version, but I drank them just the same. Was that a tear in my beer? Perhaps.

Perhaps there was also a bar too high for Anchor's Summer Beer to reach when I took my first sip?

I have to say that, while I'm a fan of Anchor Brewing's products, I was not wowed by this summer's beer. It's a light-bodied, highly drinkable American wheat beer with a nice, if short-lived, head, but, while I'd not throw it off of the porch for a PBR or a Butt Wiper, I'd prefer a hefeweizen or an Anchor Steam Beer in its stead.

That said, it is a fine glass of beer, but I'll be anticipating more flavor come next summer. Was anticipation my trouble all along? Am I just being a brat? Grab a six pack and make your own call. The worst you might suffer is a bout of nostalgia.

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