Tongue Twister: Black Forest Bacon Wrapped Bratwurst

Bacon Wrapped Brats and Shrimp with Mustard and Pickles

Q: Why did the sausage maker sit down before using his grinder?

A: He was preparing for the wurst.

As far as Google is concerned, you only have me to blame for that joke. Let me make it up to you with this grilling season treasure.

Toothpicks, Black Forest bacon strips, some brats, a bit of shrimp and a grill, or grill pan, are all that you need* to make the magic happen. Add a dollop of Lev's Original Probiotic Whole Grain Hot Mustard, Dijon mustard, (I had both), or whatever your mustard favorite may be, and some pickled vegetables to up the wow factor. Enjoy with your white wine, beer, or Lev's Kombucha, of choice. I like it with a nice Riesling, myself. 

Now, try saying Black Forest bacon wrapped bratwurst five times fast.

The "Before" Picture

*Don't forget the foil, unless you like grease fires.


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