Adult Beverage: Blueberry White Wine Spritzer

Cheers, Chowbaccans!

I was looking at a post on The Way We Ate of a white wine beverage called a Blueberry Bishop. Intrigued, I Googled for more info and was given a recipe from Epicurious involving straining blenderized blueberries and ice water and ... and it was too labor intensive for what was meant to be a cool calmative* on a relaxing summer day. I also wasn't happy with the added sugar. So, I set out to simplify.

I Heart The Way We Ate! Buy their book!

Simplicity turned out to be simple indeed:

Blueberry Calmative*

In a fluted glass, (you could make it by the pitcher as well, party people):

1/2 White wine of choice. I went with Dr Beckermann Liebfraumilch. It's four bucks at Trader Joe's, fruity, and smooth.

1/4 100% Blueberry Juice of choice. Again, Trader Joe's.

1/4 Chilled fizzy water of choice. Duh, SodaStream.

Drop a couple of frozen blueberries in the glass. They'll be thawed and yummy when you've reached the bottom, responsibly.

Cheap, Fruity, and Tasty!

*If you got the Simpsons reference you qualify for the Lightning Round!**

**There will be no lightning round. Take a calmative.


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