Breakfast in America: Tomales Bakery

Situated just down the road from the William Tell House, the Tomales Bakery serves up the carbs you crave from 7:30AM "'til it's gone!"

And load up ye shall... there were so many bikers there I thought they might be a gang, ready to drop some lethal yoga moves at any second should a rival appear (fixed versus geared, Cannondale versus Specialized, pro-doping versus anti-doping).

In all seriousness, I applaud them for their bravery - navigating some gnarly inclines in the fog with the most terrifying thing on four wheels, California drivers.

Of course it takes some serious calories to climb those coastal roads, and thankfully Tomales Bakery answers that plea with delightfully butter-laden goods: cheesy bread sticks made of the same laminated dough you would make a croissant with, rich and custardy quiches and those nefarious lemon-raspberry bars pictured below. 

Run, don't walk... wait, no, bike, don't run over to the Tomales Bakery and get it before it's gone.


Tomales Bakery
27000 California 1
Tomales, CA 94971


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