Dohatsuten Ramen and Tapas

So... ramen is hip now.

For those of us who happened to have settled on one of the coasts, ramen is not only a hip thing but has reached near religious, shrieking, fevered pitch...

Take "Maru Ichi", considered the Bay Peninsula's ultimate ramen house.

If you can get a seat there during lunch time on a given work day, you are lucky. While Maru Ichi has not reached the fever-pitched, everyone for themselves pace of State Bird Provisions or Tartine Bakery, you will nevertheless have a hard time getting in unless you are early and lucky.

While you wait, you can watch noodles actually being made in a glass-enclosed cubby, showing the goods to the voyeuristic dot-communists that have made Castro Street in Mountain View a lunch mecca.

And it is good, make no mistake.

Of course, the clever lunch denizen will seek to find the path less taken to get their noodle fix - waiting in line is for chumps!

I was riding shotgun with former cow-orker Invalid Media on a lunch run when we divined one such off-the-beaten-path establishment out of sheer bad luck (we were on a Dittmer's run, only to find that it had been closed due to fire) that ended up being good luck for us (we continued down San Antonio Avenue until we came across Dohatsuten).


Dohatsuten Ramen and Tapas:

"I like ramen, I like tapas, let's try it!" said Invalid in between a stream of word-salad that can never be printed (we know you have the tapes, FBI, and I hope you enjoy our car-banter whenever we go on these lunch excursions).

The menu features a few templates for ramen (pork belly, vegetarian, combo, etcetera) and a choice of broths and well as some very interesting small plates. We look forward to trying to beef tongue on the next visit. I might try the chicken "knees" again, even if they were not a big hit with the crowd I was with when I first tried them - fried chicken tendons and cartilage dipped in a thick mayonnaise.

Several typically Korean condiments are available, including of course an excellent kimchee.

We arrived early on a recent Wednesday - Dohatsuten opens at 11:30. We were early, and we were lucky - because by 12:30 the joint was hyphy.

I guess the rest of the Peninsula lunch world has discovered our secret ramen and tapas hide-out on San Antonio too.

Hella hyphy ramen.


Dohatsuten Ramen and Tapas
799 San Antonio Rd,
Palo Alto, CA


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