Hankering for a Hunk of Cheese?

I hanker for a hunk of

At Chowbacca! we appreciate the wonders of grilling meat. We believe in getting the maximum yield from grilling season and beyond. Yes, we've grilled in blizzards and thunderstorms. We know how difficult it can be to turn away from a grill that's screaming "throw some meat in me! Light my fire!". We get you. We have a meat tooth too.

A slab or slice or chunk of

However, we also know that the Atkins Diet was a stupid, stupid fad. In addition to having something green, red, or yellow, with your seared animal flesh, why not take an afternoon off from the grill and get your protein fix from cheese? It's not just tasty, it's a great reason to enjoy some dried and fresh fruits, nuts, pickled fruits, vegetables, and, heck, why not a bit of cured meat?

It's a coo-coo-nutty world of cheese out there. Get yours! Spend a little less time cooking this summer, and a little more time leisurely eating with a glass of wine, good friends and family. Your grill will be fine.

I hanker for a hunk of cheese!


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