In Dog She Trusts


Overheard At Trader Joe's: On A Tuesday, 2:25 PM

Blonde Girl #1: "You want a water?"

Blonde Girl #2: "Please!"

Blonde Girl #1 reaches for a Fiji.

Blonde Girl #2: "No! Not THAT water! I won't drink THAT water because my DOG won't drink THAT water!"

Blonde Girl #1 draws her hand back from the Fiji water.

Blonde Girl #1: "That's weird."

Blonde Girl #2: "I know, right? He drinks TAP water, he drinks HOSE water, he drinks every other kind of BOTTLED water, but he won't drink THAT water, so I won't drink it either!"

Blonde Girl #1: "That is so weird."

Blonde Girl #2: "Isn't it?" 

Could it be that the dog knows that Fiji Artesian Water is shipped all over the world, yet 53% of the people of Fiji don't have access to clean drinking water? Could it be that the dog knows about Fiji Artesian Water's infamous Cleveland joke that famously backfired to reveal that their water contained high amounts of artesian arsenic among other contaminants? Maybe the dog just doesn't like arsenic?


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