Somebody Stop Me: Black Forest Bacon-Wrapped Flank Steak

I have a problem. I can't stop wrapping things in Black Forest bacon. I've been wrapping pineapple, shrimp, squash, hot dogs, burgers, bratwurst, and I can't stop. The other day I decided to "what if" four strips of Black Forest bacon around a cherry, garlic, rosemary and sweet vermouth-marinated flank steak and throw it into a foil-lined grill basket to see what happened. What happened was HELL YES.

I served it under a mix of shiitake mushrooms and red and yellow onions all sautéed in butter and extra virgin olive oil. I served it with some Manchego mashed potatoes and Haas avocado halves topped with tomato and dressed with extra virgin olive oil, fig balsamic vinegar, and grenadine.

I have a problem. It's a delicious problem.



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