Tahoe Teaser: A Sandwich With a View

Obexer's on the West Shore of Lake Tahoe.
"The full-time residents I care about, it's these renters I could give a rat's ass about," quoth the Mountain Man one evening, after a skittish anonymous neighbor called 911 to alert the North Tahoe Fire Department of our raging bonfire*.

( * 5 or 6 logs in a controlled stone fire circle, attended with a working outdoor hose near by. "Oh, you guys are totally legal," in the words of the first responder. )

The population of the West Shore swells between Memorial Day and Labor Day then turns into a ghost town until the winter season, where the region's real tourism money is made.

Obexer's General Store is nestled within the Obexer Marina. The Obexer Boating Company was founded early in the 20th Century by an enterprising Austrian-Italian named Jacob P. Obexer.

It's conveniently on the West Tahoe bike path, which inconveniently crosses Highway 89 just south of Obexer's but is otherwise a nice, flat ride for sightseers and those weirdos in the speedos bike suits on their fancy touring bikes (the latter category including the Mountain Man and my own father and step-mother).

Obexer's caters to boaters looking to pack provisions on day trips on the lake: beer, picnic fixings, cheese and crackers.

An outdoor patio overlooks the marina.

$12 for a sandwich and coconut water, not the cheapest, but the view can't be beat.

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Oberxer's General Store
Tahoe National Forest
Homewood, CA 96141 ‎


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