Umami for Your Mommy ... or, Your BBQ Sauce!

Whisk It Good!

Umami comes in many flavors ... heh ... anchovies, mushrooms, Parmesan cheeses, and each brings that umami goodness to your food.

BBQ sauce, and I'm not here to fight the smoke vs sauce wars, for lack of an equally understood term, also comes in many flavors and styles, too.

Over the years I've heard of and have read about saucy secret ingredients ranging from exotic vinegars to baby food, (the latter has, well, unpleasant side effects on some, well, me). Now, let me tell you my not-so-secret to a great batch of St. Louis-style BBQ, (shush!), sauce: A British yeast extract. Yep, Marmite. It adds that umami goodness and some salt too. I'm told that a bit of Vegemite from down under would work too, but I haven't tried it at this time.

It's been called a "love it or hate it" food, I don't think it's too bad at all myself, but in sauce it's a winner.

B Vitamins!!!


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