Beef Chuck Boneless (Not) Short Ribs

Your New Best Friend

Like its porcine equivalent, "country style ribs", beef boneless short ribs are not ribs at all. Instead the cut is taken from the chuck eye roll, but, like those porky "not ribs" they are an affordable, versatile, tender, and well-marbled cut not to be missed. It won't replace my favorite dry-aged ribeye for special occasions or a night out*, but for everyday cooking it's in the rotation with flank steak as my go-to for beef.

As I've posted before, those "country style pork ribs" make an easy and delicious meal in the slow cooker or just brined and grilled. "Beef chuck boneless short ribs" have been the star of our kitchen lately. I've served them brined and grilled, used them to make a quick version of Frank Fat's' New York Steak, and have used them in stir fry dishes like the beef and green bean stir fry pictured below**.

Stirrin' & Fryin'
Next, now that cooler nights are ahead, I want to try this cut out in a beef bourguignon, and I still haven't done a slow cooked barbecue with beef because the pork cut has been so good to me but its time is coming. Perhaps I'll make Doc Guskimchi short ribsBeef rouladen comes to mind as well. The affordability and flavor of these pork and beef "not" ribs, and the other meats that the savings will make affordable, are going to deliver a delicious fall and winter.

*While I prefer my ribeye rare, this cut would be risky to undercook. As with all "blade tenderized" cuts of meat, cooking above medium is recommended so let's be careful out there. Fortunately, the cut has sufficient fat that, unless you cook it into leather, it remains tender. Brining for a few hours will help keep it juicy too.

Just Add Rice
** That's sautéed onions and carrots, sliced red pepper, green beans, kale, oyster sauce, thin slices of beef chuck "ribs", and fresh black pepper. As the man says, "bam".

Or Don't


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