Chicharrón and Panko Fried Chicken


Okay, if you've read past the ramblings of a madman and reached Doc Gus' fried chicken bible you know how to fry a chicken correctly, and if you've read my fried green tomato tweak you know that ground chicharrón makes a mighty fine coating for frying. Last night, like when chocolate met peanut butter, I put two great tastes together.

Using a 50/50 mix of chicharrón and panko with a tablespoon-ish of yellow cornmeal mixed in to give it some extra crunch, I fried some chicken legs in a combination of vegetable oil, peanut oil, and a tablespoon-ish of bacon fat. I also brined my chicken for a few hours pre-buttermilk stage in water with around three tablespoons of salt.

The result? YUM. The coating was a crunchy shell and the meat was juicy and tender. I served it with rosemary basmati rice and sweet white corn, which was quite good, but I wish I'd cheesed up the rice or made cheesy mashed potatoes instead for more "oomph". Ah, next time.

Ready to Fry!
Remember, fried chicken is Freddy Mercury approved.


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