Dried Foods: The 15 Minute One Bowl Meal


Sometimes you just gotta eat. You don't have time to thaw, much. You don't have time to chop, much. The food has to happen, it has to happen quickly, and there isn't going to be a bunch of time after for cleaning up. Heck, right now I don't have time for the post I'd scheduled for today, so here's something that I threw together the other night when that outtatime-time came. It's assembled mostly from dried foods in my pantry and some garden items. Your pantry should be a pal. Let it be a pal. If you can grow your own food and have a well-stocked pantry you can forget all of those processed foods in your life.

15 Minute One Bowl Meal (served three):

2 1/2 Cups of water
2 Tablespoons of beef broth powder
1 Tablespoon Marmite (for that umami all the cool kids are talking about)
1/2 Large carrot, coarsely chopped
4 Large dried Mushrooms (for even more umami, swami!)
1 Small onion
Sōmen Noodles
12 Frozen raw shrimp
Fresh fennel
Nama Shoyu

Boil the water while the shrimp are thawing in a cool water bath. When the water boils add the beef powder and stir or whisk until blended. Add Marmite and stir in completely. Add mushrooms and simmer for ten minutes. Chop your carrots, onion, fennel and stem your kale. At the five minute mark for your mushrooms, add the onions, carrots, and fennel. Then add the kale and stir. Add the sōmen noodles and cook for two minutes. At the one minute mark add the shrimp and cook completely.

Serve with nama shoyu.

Cleanup? One pot. One knife. One cutting board. Your bowls. Chopsticks. Maybe a colander to wash the garden vegetables. Done. Yeah, I don't know what that "one bowl" stuff was about. Maybe I was considering eating it out of the pot. Who knows? I was in a hurry. Still, not a lot of mess or fuss. Give it a go. It's tasty!

The Finish


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