Friday Cocktail: Sweet Fancy Moses!!

Sweet Fancy Moses!!

My thing with naming things after Seinfeld references continues with this fun little number and comes complete with a straw. When I first heard George utter "SWEET FANCY MOSES" I knew that it was destined to be the name of a cocktail. Sometimes great entertainments change you in strange ways. Sometimes, as with Elaine's dancing, you may even be scarred for life. Presenting, the happy place where I hide from things I can't unsee, the Sweet Fancy Moses!!:

Pour 2 Ounces of your favorite unflavored vodka, (or go virgin), into a fluted glass with a straw, (yes, you can use the bendy kind), top with a dollop of strawberry ice cream and fill with your choice of ginger beer. Drink, and dance, responsibly.


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